Being a world leader in food ingredients, enzymes and bio-based solutions, Danisco is no stranger to the term ’good is not good enough’. Using nature’s own materials, science and the knowledge of its more than 6,800 employees, Danisco continues to exceed expectations when designing and delivering bio-based ingredients that meet market demands for healthier and safer products.


Danisco wanted to simplify the BI solution bringing it to the end users and become less dependent on IT and data scientist specialists.


Infotrust designed and implemented Enterprise Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solution based on SAP BusinessObjects.


“In broadening the use of business intelligence within the Danisco organisation, and bringing data visualization tools to both management and key decision makers, Infotrust work as ‘our SAP BusinessObjects office’, so to speak. We rely on them to understand what needs to be delivered – both in terms of solution development and infrastructure – and they allow us to push relevant information closer to those who need it”.

And the feedback from the users is, indeed, positive:

“They want more. And they will get more”, Infotrust has been been our partner and trusted advisor throughout the process, and they have diligently and relentlessly worked with us – not only to develop the solutions and implement the infrastructure, but also to focus on knowledge transfer, allowing us to build up our own skill set. They have dramatically increased the responsiveness of our BI team to delivering key business value to Danisco, and there is no doubt in my mind that we chose the right partner. I rely on them as I do on our own employees”, concludes Linda Ralleca, Danisco’s Enterprise Performance Management Director.


SAP BusinessObjects, SAP BW