Established in 1993, the Mortgage and Land Bank of Latvia is currently the only bank wholly owned by the state. Its founding aims and legal status reflect those of the pre-war state-owned banks in the Republic of Latvia, whose main tasks were financing agrarian reforms and providing long-term mortgage loans.


The mission of the Mortgage Bank is to facilitate the development of the Latvian economy and creating added value by implementing a number of state support programmes. To ensure high-quality service, prompt and comprehensive information, and the successful planning of future operations, extensive data analysis is


Infotrust designed and implemented Enterprise Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solution based on SAP BusinessObjects and Sybase IQ.


Data from the bank’s operational systems is transferred to the specialized data warehouse database SybaseIQ, which provides high speed processing and search mechanisms for high volumes of data. Access to this data is defined within the SAP BusinessObjects analysis systems. The data obtained during the day are processed during the night, and thanks to SAP BusinessObjects, is transformed into structured information that can be analysed according to selected parameters.


SAP BusinessObjects with Data Integrator and SAP Sybase IQ