Satair Group is one of the global leading providers of aftermarket solutions for the civil aerospace industry – offering everything from parts management to parts services as well as parts support for all types of aircraft in Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and China.


Manual handling of 250-300 daily reports as well as all other weekly, monthly and yearly reports with risk of human error and discrepancies


SAP BusinessObjects solution powered by Infotrust


  • Fast and dynamic insight into business data instead of static snapshots
  • Higher transparency and greater data quality
  • Users within sales, supply chain and top management can create their own detailed, user-friendly and intuitive reports – easily and quickly – allowing data to be used as a strategic tool in internal decision processes
  • Rationalisation, optimisation and error minimisation
  • Identical corporate processes across organisational boundaries and country borders


SAP BusinessObjects

And the feedback from the users is, indeed, positive:

“I am convinced that we are fully set for the future with an IT infrastructure which will maintain and further develop our competitive edge” – Claus Bugge Christensen, SATAIR