SBA Concern is a strategic investor which owns one of the largest business groups in Lithuania. More than 90% of SBA Group’s production is exported to almost 40 countries: the EU, the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Australia, etc. The main business activities of SBA Concern are clothing and furniture.


Since 2004, SBA has been using the SAP R/3 business management system which ensures the integration of business processes and a harmonised method throughout Concern’s companies.

According to the Head of SBA’s IT Department, Sigitas Patalauskas, the software is a very powerful tool for data analysis designed primarily for middle and top management, but his SBA division wanted something more convenient. The company decided to invest in the business intelligence solutions package SAP BusinessObjects. According to Patalauskas, the majority of SBA companies had already been using SAP solutions, that’s why the same software was chosen.


SBA started using SAP BusinesObjects, Concern’s management and specialists began receiving regular and secure reports about the company’s financial indexes: sales, goal progress, profitability, EBITDA, and other relevantinformation. SAP BusinessObjects loads and analyzes data really quickly.


The installation of SAP BusinessObject made the analysis of business objects simpler and more transparent. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive – even a beginner can analyze, group and compare information easily.


SAP BusinessObjects

And the feedback from the users is, indeed, positive:

“SAP BusinessObjects has three essential features that make this system different from other similar products. Firstly, a user-friendly, intuitive, and visual interface. Secondly, a unified and integral informational space – regardless of the source (SAP R/3, SAP BW, Scala, etc.), all data is integrated into SAP BusinessObjects. And finally, using SAP BusinessObjects minimizes the system’s request-response time”, Sigitas Patalauskas, Head of SBA’s IT Department