The Solar Group is one of Northern Europe’s leading sourcing and services companies with more than 3.000 employees in 7 countries – offering a wide range of products and services marketing more than 215,000 products, mainly within electrical, heating, plumbing and ventilation technologies.


Migrating each country at a time from a legacy Mainframe environment to a SAP ERP platform.[/one_third]


Infotrust planned and implemented the migration project using SAP DataServices.


Having successfully migrated the legacy ERP data from the Solar office in Norway, Infotrust moved on to the local facilities in the Netherlands. Utilizing the experience gained from the Norwegian process, Infotrust was able to re-use many of the workflows established, ensuring proper clean-up and validation of data as well as non-duplication. This best practice process would also prove beneficial for the implementations at other Solar offices in other countries going forward.

“The Solar company tagline is ‘stronger together’, and the partnership between us and Infotrust has been a true showcase thereof. We are, indeed, stronger together, because their profile was a natural match to the challenges we faced. From day one, they have delivered top knotch consultants and added valuable insights and experience to the process. Our relationship with them is more than a cooperation. It is a true partnership“ Erika Ludwig, SOLAR A/S

“Whichever way we choose to look at it, Infotrust saved us. Their well documented and transparent process has left a clear and very positive mark on our organisation’s use of business intelligence”, concludes Erika Ludwig, Team Manager at Solar A/S.


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