Tiltra is a transport infrastructure company group in Lithuania and Poland markets which specializes in roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, ports construction and engineering services.


One of the problems was to monitor the company’s KPI and make strategic decisions based on the index. Another problem for SAP BusinessObjects to solve was the harmonization and optimization of financial analysis.


As Tiltra Group companies had three different ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems running, SAP BusinessObjects allowed for consolidation of the data from these different ERP systems. In addition, the SAP solution allowed Tiltra Group to consolidate data from third-party software: transport information system, project module, and salary calculation tools.

Thanks to SAP BusinessObjects, Tiltra Group was able to create all the accounts needed for its business: profit and loss, project profitability, and client and supplier credit. The SAP solution also allowed them to create more detailed accounts: stock transportation, long-term assets, bank operations, acquisitions, sales, production. What is more, an account package necessary for audit was created.


The installation of SAP BusinessObjects soon turned out to be an effective solution for business and technical challenges. Now the Group’s data is consolidated successfully regardless of its source. The Group’s management and specialists receive regular reports about various projects and important activities.


SAP BusinessObjects

And the feedback from the users is, indeed, positive:

“I am convinced that we are fully set for the future with an IT infrastructure which will maintain and further develop our competitive edge” – Claus Bugge Christensen, SATAIR